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What we are

1. Automation Services: We provide automation services (using PLC, CNC and Motion control systems) to Machine tool manufacturers and discrete manufacturing industry. Our responsibility encompasses all activities starting with the concept and right till successful commissioning. Our automation platform selection is vendor neutral, the choice being determined by reliability, performance, cost, ease of maintenance, ease of up-gradation, availability of spares, availability of service, end user concerns, etc. We believe in using the appropriate level of automation and make conscious efforts to avoid the pit falls of unwarranted and inappropriate use of “High technology”. Detailed manuals of instruction enable the user in proper use and upkeep of the equipment.

2. Trading : We represent M/s Des-Case Corporation, TN, USA. Des-Case are pioneers in “Desiccant breather technology”, and hold many patents in this area of technology. We assist our clients in proper selection and application of the wide range of oil contamination prevention products manufactured by Des-Case. Des-Case products address all aspects of oil contamination such as during transport, storage, transfer, usage, etc. As a company grounded in technology, it is our constant endeavour to bring more such user friendly technologies and products to the Indian market, to facilitate better use of critical, high cost industrial machinery. Our valued clients can look forward to source new and innovative products from us in the near future.