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Rebuildable Steel Breathers


Seventy five percent of hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated fluid.

In any reservoir containing a fluid, air is breathed in and out as operating temperatures change, or as a tank is filled and emptied. The problem with a simple breather vent is that it allows abrasive contaminants and water to enter the tank.

The Des-Case rebuildable steel breather helps eliminate the problems that result from contaminated air.

Benefits of Des-Case Breathers

  • Elimination of water contamination of the oil or other fluids
  • Elimination of rust and corrosion inside the container
  • Increased oil and filter life
  • Reduced abrasive wear, down-time, and repair costs
  • Improved lubricant performance
  • Eliminates chemical reactions, or spoilage
  • More reliable equipment performance


Designed for Severe Operating Conditions

The steel breathers were designed specifically for applications where there are very high temperatures, extremely dirty air, or a corrosive environment. They are ruggedly designed, with housings of powder-coated carbon steel or stainless. The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polyester filter material. This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit.

Adsorption Capacity


The 1-micron pleated filter has a large surface area, resulting in long service life. Like the bag filter, it is easily replaced without removing the breather from service. The steel breathers accommodate large air flow rates with minimal pressure drops.

Models, Accessories & Installation Methods

Steel Breather Installation

Mounting Methods

Since all Des-Case rebuildable steel breathers are designed with standard NPT pipe threads for mounting, these units can be installed in nearly any application with reducers, adapters, etc.

For part codes containing X, substitute the appropriate RS model number. (Example: the part code for a sight glass cartridge for the DC-RS-150 would be DC-RS-150-SG1.)